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You can find our new fb page under corner brook minor baseball association.........


2017 Corner Brook Baseball Executive
Darrin O'Quinn -President/Treasurer-----Cory Lockyer -Vice President-----Robert Park -Director Minor Baseball-----Jason Mosher -Secretary-----Steve Kelly -Director Senior Baseball-----Wade King -Director Fundraising-----Gary White -Director Field Operations-----Frank Humber -Director at Large-----Darren Colbourne -Director at Large

Message from Nick Holmes & Family
I have always liked the old English idiom “home is where you hang your hat.” I want to thank all the parents, players, coaches, board members and volunteers who supported me and my family this summer. Thank you for welcoming us into your community and making us feel part of your families without knowing who we were or judging us for where we are from. We could not have imagined a better experience nor felt more welcome than you all made us feel. I knew that this experience would be a life changing one. To the degree that it was, I could not have imagined. Your country, your province and your beautiful town will be forever embedded in our hearts and will be something we talk about for the rest of our lives. Thank you again Corner Brook for giving the Holmes family another home around the globe to hang our hats. Until our paths cross again, stay warm and look out the window until Spring comes! See you all at the Yard! Coach Holmes, Colette and Harper